Inquiring About Servicing From the Previous Owner Of A Motorcycle

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Automotive

Buying used motorcycles is quite different from buying new ones. There are cost benefits to do so but at the same time one must ensure that they understand what they are buying.

When the motorcycle comes from a manufacturer, you can be sure of the quality. For instance, you can be sure about how BMW Motorcycles, Yamaha Motorcycles, Kawasaki Motorcycles or Honda Bikes will behave. You don’t have to take the manufacturers word for it; they give it to you as a contractual agreement in the form of a warranty.

But this is not the case while buying used motorcycles. You may have to find about how their past owners have used it to guess the condition of the engine and therefore what it should be worth. Things would have been a lot more easier if you knew exactly what to ask and they always gave you honest answers, but unfortunately this is not the case. So to help you here is a basic list of questions and what to expect in the answers.

Who did the service?

Let’s say you went to buy one of BMW Motorcycles. The bike may look tip-top on the exterior but to figure out its interior, you need to ask the owner about who did the servicing on this bike. If they say a mechanic or a service shop, ask for invoices. A diligent bike owner knows that he will need these documents later and stores them. If there are no documents, there is something fishy. If they say they did it themselves give it the lowest grade. You don’t really know how capable they are with engines of BMW Motorcycles.

How often?

The next thing you should ask is how often the bike was serviced. Then when you get an answer you must ask about the service schedule prescribed by the manufacturer. In case of any discrepancies, try and ascertain the extent of damage that might have been inflicted upon the engine. On the other hand, if they say they don’t know, just walk away.

What brand of oil was used and how often?

Engine oil is like the lifeblood of BMW Motorcycles or any motorcycle for that matter. So it is important to ask them how often they changed it and what brand did they use. Evaluate the answer based on what you know about the frequency and the brand.

May I get the bike checked at my expense?

You should always get the bike checked from a trained mechanic whose opinion you trust. For this you will need the seller’s permission and even their company. A diligent seller will know they would have done the same and wont object. If they do, just leave the BMW Motorcycles on sale and go somewhere else. They might try to hurry you by saying this offer is only for today, but more often than not “Just for today” offers are meant to fool you today!


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