Insurance Issues for Your Yamaha Motorcycles

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Automotive
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Buying superbikes is easier than insuring them. This might sound like an exaggeration and a cliché but if you have been in such a situation before you will know exactly what I mean. Owners of BMW Motorcycles, Yamaha Motorcycles, Kawasaki Motorcycles and Honda Bikes will definitely agree.

When you try to insure superbikes such as Yamaha motorcycles you will discover that there are actually very few insurers in the market if you have one of those high end racing models. And since they are few, you have to go to them to get it insured and the price may not be very much to your liking.

It is not that they want to rip apart customers or get some pleasure in doing so. It is just that some of these bikes are too risk y to cover. So, to ensure that you don’t get ripped off while insuring your Yamaha motorcycles, here is a checklist.

Performance Modifications: This is the most dreaded thing for an insurer. Not only does it make your Yamaha motorcycles capable of ravaging the road and inflicting destruction on others and self, it tells the insurer that you are one of those people who are likely to go racing. Now, once you compete in races the risk obviously increases as you will knowingly forego some safety measures. This is why these modifications ensure that the premiums turn out large. In short the insurers aren’t willing to cover you until you pay them a big fat sum.

Security Locks: Yamaha motorcycles and such other superbikes are expensive. Also there are many enthusiasts out there who cannot be called moral. Statistically these bikes have shown a higher rate of theft than the average bikes. This is the reason why many insurers will insist that you get an advanced safety lock fitted to your bike before they cover you. Some will quote a higher premium others will turn you down outright.

Prior Accidents: Superbikes are fast creatures but they aren’t sturdy enough. This is because you can’t put too much weight on them or else they won’t move too fast. But what happens if you meet with an accident at high speeds. Well Yamaha Motorcycles have been designed in a way to absorb, some of these shocks to protect you. But in the process the bike gets damaged. So the next time you get the bike insured the insurer will ask for a higher premium because they know that there is a fair chance that the bike may be structurally damaged. Please do ask this to your seller to make sure that you know what the possible premium that you need to pay is.

To put it simply, getting superbikes like Yamaha motorcycles insured is an expensive affair and if any of the above mentioned things are present in your purchase get ready to burn a hole in your wallet.


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