Owning Pocket bikes just got a whole lot easier

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Automotive
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Pocket bikes are fun to own. But at the same time they have also been very difficult to own. Traditionally there has been a problem with getting the spare parts and getting them repaired. But this doesn’t seem to the case anymore.

Dealers across the country have realized that there are a large number of enthusiasts willing to buy these bikes once these problems are solved. This is the basic reason why they have started stocking spare parts in large quantities.

Jacob, a dealer from Illinois said that “A lot of ancillary units have sprung up across the country which manufactures spare parts for Pocket bikes, Mini bikes, Street bikes and Performance bikes. Not only are they a lot cheaper than many of these imported parts but they also easily available”

The problem with spares was that a lot of these pocket bikes were of foreign origin and their manufacturers had not set up factories here. Hence all spares would become expensive once the import duties were levied on them.

Dealers have also formed tie ups with many units to ensure that customers are never devoid of spare parts or service. An online dealer of pocket bikes, for instance gives their customers a list of approved vendors and service stations where they can go and get their pocket bikes repaired and serviced.

Customers are delighted at these announcements and slowly sales are picking up. Ruben, a new Pocket Bikes owner in Massachusetts said that “I always wanted  to own pocket bikes and I could even afford their initial cost. But earlier they were too much work and money to get repaired. Now, since the problem is solved I have purchased one of these”.

Analysts say that owning a bike has several costs and repair and maintenance have a long term bearing on the total costs of ownership. Dealers have therefore hit the bulls eye. Instead of competing with each other they are signing contracts to service each other’s customers.

Dealers of pocket bikes may have just realized, that it’s not just about getting the biggest slice of the pie but also making the pie bigger. Such co-operative actions leads to everyone’s gain as the sector grows and more and more buyers turn in to buy their favorite pocket bikes.


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